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No its too hot to feel anything when our neighbor is the fucking sun.

Love is for weaklings who’ve never had to walk ten kilometres to school under the burning sun during dropbear mating season.

the only love we know is that which exists between beer and mouth 

Vegemite has a chemical in it that destroys the ability to feel love. Australian children are fed on a diet of it when they are born so that they will not be affected when their peers die from heat, drop bears or shark attack

It’s the only way to ensure we become fierce warriors.

No man, we don’t.

No Australian has ever felt love except for one very careful driver. Her love of a man named Katut is legendary all throughout the land.

It is a legend only whispered on the winds of the hot burning deserts. Only Australians can translate it for you. It is only siad when you are bitten by a spidershark which is about every ad break during Home and Away

Our children are taught the legend of Rhonda and Katut from an early age. Their tale maintains the hope that, one day, all Australians may love again. Not being able to love keeps us from shark attacks and heatstroke but scientists are trying to find what gave Rhonda and Katut the ability to love so that every Australian may one day love as well. 

but it comes with a warning, my children, for even Rhonda lost the ability to love and left her man. Only Katut, someone from another country, can provide knowledge on the fickle, unstable love she showed.